Monday Night Men's League

Est. 1921

Members $10 Non Members $25
For a player to spare for a Men’s League team they must have a registered handicap (no
exceptions). If a player does not have a handicap, spares can play as an individual and be entered into the draw prize pool. Those looking to spare need to email Matt 2 days before the day that they are
looking to play.

Thank you to our 2020 Men's League Sponsors

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In 2020 All Men’s League days are regular tee times from 1pm-6:30pm on Mondays. Players
reserve their own tee time 1 week in advance with the pro shop and can play in their own group.
1 scorecard will be used per group and will be handed in after the round to the pro shop. Because of Covid-19 it is
very important that only one person in the group handles the scorecard.

Spare Procedure

2019 Champions - Big Country Drilling