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Option B - Drop In
We have revamped our drop in for 2020, the ladies participating as drop ins will be playing on a separate nine from the team play group. There will be no pace of play pressure, this will help promote a fun and relaxed evening without any intimidation. Drop in ladies will get their name in the prizes each week and are more than welcome to participate in the toonie putt and 50/50 draw with the team play ladies. Play with your friends and enjoy the game of golf!
Includes: The ability to play every Tuesday of the golf season after 2pm free of charge. Enjoy 18 weeks with great draw prizes!
DROP IN DEAL - $299 for the entire season! OR drop in each week - Members $10 | Non Mem. $25

Thank you to our 2020 Ladies League Sponsors

Option A - Team Play
Be part of a team for the entirety of the season, join by yourself or with a friend! Each week will consist of net match play with a fun game on the first Tuesday of each month. Throughout the season teams will accrue points. At the end of the 18 week season a champion team will be crowned.
Includes: 18 weeks of league play, two free meals, a Golf Canada membership to track your handicap, weekly prizes, *NEW FOR 2020* league members will be able to play EVERY TUESDAY of the golf season after 2pm free of charge!
Mem $150 | Non Mem $499


2019 Champions - Aurora Capital Partners

Tuesday Night Ladies League

Members $10 Non Members $25
For a player to spare for a Ladies League team they must have a registered handicap (no
exceptions). If a player does not have a handicap, spares can play as an individual and be entered into the draw prize pool. Those looking to spare need to email Matt 2 days before the day that they are
looking to play. Drop in players can book 7 days in advance.

Spare Procedure