Power Cart TAG System

Each of our carts is equipped with a GPS tracking device that reports the location of the cart, along with the pace of play. In addition, certain areas of the golf course such as those with tall grass, mounds, hazards and areas of a sensitive nature, have been 'blocked' off. This means if during a round your cart 'BEEPS' - you are in one of the restricted areas, the Pro Shop has received a notice and we ask that you return to the cart path or fairway. If we receive more than three notices that a cart has entered a restricted area, it will be shut off.

If the fairways are dry, we typically permit a 'stager' cart policy, which means cart can access the fairway from the cart path where the white/green post is located near the fairway and then must return to the cart path where the next white/green post is. This excludes all par 3's and hole #9 which are cart path only. In the case of inclement weather (heavy rain or snow) or if certain course maintenance is taking place - then the Pro Shop will change the Power Cart rules to cart path only. Please see the Pro Shop prior to your round to confirm on the cart policies for the day.

Click here for a printable map of the restricted areas...

Questions? bbassen@strathmoregolfclub.com